With a brand new website from Guaranteed Website Design we typically provide a front-end (that would be techy speak for your website) and back-end system using a Microsoft SQL Server database on the back-end to contain your dynamic data and content such as account records. For security purposes this database is not accessible remotely or via a web interface, and is hidden from public traffic to prevent hack andSQL injection attempts. For the non-technically minded folks, that means we've secured the database to prevent people from accessing it, only your website will be able to access the data held within the database.

Why use a Database?

MS SQL is one of the leading database systems, and is used by millions of businesses and companies. The technology is proven and can handle large volumes of data without blinking. Databases make handling data and accessing the data a lot easier and enable complex queries and other tasks to be completed in miliseconds that would otherwise have to be hard coded into your website with often times slow or clunky workaround methods.

If your business is important to you and you have a lot of content the chances are you'll need a database. Even more so if you plan on using eCommerce to sell products.

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