It doesn't matter if you've dropped $10,000 on a brand new website if you're paying for low cost or shared hosting your website is going to suffer and not work as intended.

What is shared hosting you might ask?

When you are paying anywhere from $5 to $25 per month for hosting you're likely on a shared host, this is one physical server that might have several hundred websites running simultaneously on it. Your website is effectively getting a small percentage of the resources on offer by the server and if anyone elses website suddenly spikes and takes up a lot of server resources you may find your website performance suffers and you're effectively at the mercy of your hosting company. Furthermore what often happens with this kind of hosting is after a period of time the host realizes they've overcrowded their server and they automatically migrate you to another server, and in the process of doing this your website will typically need some kind of intervention or update to allow it to continue to work.

We don't do this, we host all of our websites on high end industry grade servers from OVH (a world renowned company with data centres throughout the world).

We limit our servers to no more than 50 websites per server, and as we have built all of the websites being hosted we ensure that each website (yours included) does not take up anymore resources than it should.

We maintain load balances of less than 20% CPU usage and 30% memory usage to ensure there are always enough resources to go around.

This results in your website running as fast as it was intended.

If however we determine during the "quote" period that your website is above and beyond what would normally be hosted in this shared environment we can negotiate a great deal on a dedicated server just for your website. This means your website is the only one using it's resources and you're king of the hill!

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