Backup and Security

Even with a brand new website you should always plan for the worst. To that end we take backups of your website every other day, including the website files and the MS SQL Database.

Why not everyday?

A good question. There's two reasons why we imagine you'd need a backup the first one would be a complete failure of the website hardware (unlikely to happen) but because we can't control mother nature OR the date a component decides to fail we recongize you may need a backup in the event of such a failure. This would allow us to restore your website with minimal data loss.

The second reason would be if you make a mistake and enter errant information or records into your database and need to restore it to an older version. In this instance as long as you alert us within 24hours of the mistake happening we can restore from the most recent backup.

There can never be enough backups in our mind, and if for whatever reason you want additional backups or perhaps backing up to an Amazon S3 space, feel free to reach out to us and ask about it, we can definitely make something happen!


Security is one of those fluffy feel good things, we all want to feel secure. We've gone out of our way to put systems in place to make your website as secure as possible. We have systems that work 24/7 to protect and automatically block nefarious actors from accessing our websites, secure the servers from outside threats and in specific situations isolate them from Denial of Service attacks to prevent major issues.

Security is an ongoing situation, we'll work hard to make your website as secure as it can be while fighting evolving threats and making changes and improvements as need be.

If our systems detect a threat we receive realtime alerts and will step in to offer an additional layer of protection.

Will your shared website host on GoDaddy, Wix or Wordpress do that?

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