Search Engine Optimization

Some website designers and website owners take the "If you build it they will come!" approach. It's possible to grow a website organically this way but it will be extremely slow. With Guaranteed Website Design we include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a brand new website we also submit your website to the major search engines and provide sitemaps to allow future indexing of your site on those search engines without you having to pay extra or do anything else! As you add new content it will be indexed.

What is SEO?

There's a million different websites out there that explain SEO, the quickest way we can describe it is that SEO is the magic that makes it possible for people to easily find your website when they are looking for something similar or a service you provide without knowing the name of your business.

Existing customers may know your business name and can easily find your website, you're likely not trying to do SEO for them but for anyone else out there that you want to be a potential customer you'll need strong SEO to ensure your business comes up in relevant search results.

But wait there's more ...

The next problem you may have with SEO is that even if your business is coming up, it may not be in the top 10. Most people will only read a few results from a search engine and will either automatically click on one of the first few results without reading about it. You'll want your business to be in the top 10 to ensure there's a chance of getting clicks!

However no one can guarantee first place, unless your business is so unique as to be the only business in existence that does what you do then I'm sure firt place is guaranteed.

Anyone that tells you they'll get you to first place is a liar, if it was that easy to get to first place every SEO specialist would be able to do it and then you'd never be first place for very long because your competitors would employ the same tactics and you'd be in a constant fight with them to maintain top spot.

SEO doesn't yield overnight results, it can take days, weeks or even months for results to be seen. You need to be strong and allow this process to work.

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