Website Design and Development

You've probably come across our website because you are thinking about a new website or updating an existing website.

As a website design and development agency we can handle every step of your website project from graphic design, through planning, and development with hosting.

You'll find with some other agencies that they can either "design" it but not build it or build it but not design it. It's confusing, and we take that confusion away by providing your one stop shop for your website needs.

We differ from many of the other companies out there by wanting to establish a long lasting business relationship. Your website should serve you for at least 4 years, and we want to be with you for every step of that journey. We'd like to hope you'll be so happy with what we've provided that if the need arises for you to update your website again in a few years, you'll pick Guaranteed Website Design again, and again.

With that said you probably also want a website that does exactly what you need, works for you 24/7 and is easy to use and navigate by your end users. We've got you covered on that front.

Leveraging 20+ years of development and design experience we have the skills and the expertise to build your dream website.

You probably have questions, and that's only natural. We answer quite a few of them in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, but we'll gladly field any other questions you might have if you want to Contact Us.

The Nitty Gritty

A website designed and developed with Guaranteed Website Design typically takes anywhere from two weeks to a month to be produced. Depending on how much content we need to create versus content you might already have created.

There's also a testing period soGWD and your employees or yourself can do testing on your new website to be happy that it's ready to promote your brand, message or products.

The amount of money it will cost to build your website depends entirely on the complexity and level of features required. We are transparent with our pricing, but will also answer any questions you may have on why your website will cost the price we have quoted you.

Our pricing is likely not the cheapest you will find but it's definitely not the most expensive either. You'll find that inside Canada we are favorably priced amongst our peers, however if you're looking for a cheap website you'll likely want to build it yourself OR contact one of the many web design companies based out of India or other third world countries that can work for next to nothing due to lower costs of living expenses.

There's also a lot of companies that now pretend they are CANADIAN based with a Canadia mailing address but clearly outsource the actual "work" to the above mentioned lower cost countries. That's fine for some situations but at GWD we are Canadian based, we do all the work and we're readily available to all of our customers.


A Guaranteed Website contains the latest technology and features that makes your website standout and be noticed. You'll definitely get positive feedback from your customers!

If your website is old and not user friendly you'll find people may visit but not stay long and definitely not purchase your products.

People often shop with their eyes, and they don't like what they see then they won't stay, linger and buy.

Contact Us today to discuss your needs and we'll send you a quote within a few hours.